The Microsoft Forum 2017

(17. Februar 2017)

The real impact of Digital Transformation - 8th of March, MiCo - Milan

Microsoft Italy´s leading partner and customer conference, the Microsoft Forum will be arriving at Milan on the 8th of March for its second edition.

Business agility for all sales, logistic, purchase or reporting  processes tailoring to rapidly changing market requirements will be presented as exemplary advantages and important business impact when facing the challenges of Digital Transformation, IoT strategies or the introduction of new ERP or CRM solutions.

A new role for the whole IT department

Attendees of the event will learn how the IT in its new role of Industry 4.0, IoT and Cloud scenarios will develop to a driver of innovation in approaching new business models an market strategies. The event will offer the unique opportunity to directly talk with Würth Phoenix and Microsoft experts, customers, get new information, skills, share common experiences and best practices. In making these connections and discoveries, the participants will effectively empower to exceed their goals and aspirations in reinventing the role of their IT organizations.

When & Where

The Dynamics AX and CRM team of Würth Phoenix awaits your visit on its Gold partner stand. We´re looking forward to meet you!

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