How we deal with people in projects

New approaches for your project results

Numerous organizations take advantage of project management to transform their inventions into innovation. We smooth your way to perform successful projects. Because people are invaluable good projects, we provide you with the best tools for that. Integral project management means to focus in the environment of your project on four big areas, analyze them and customize your project management toolset based on the analysis results. We offer a practical oriented workshop, which has proved for value since years.

Integral Project Management - Our workshop offer

After taking part in the workshop, participants have first insights in Integral Project Management and can undertake active steps to improve the project management toolset in their own organizations.

Central Topics

  • How we deal with people in projects, environment analysis and stakeholder management
  • How people react on changes which come with projects and how a project manager can support them
  • Integral Project Management as a substantial enlargement of stakeholder management and the design of project management
  • Integral analysis of the own organization based on the four quadrants of Integral Project Management

Target Group

  • Chief Executive Officers and decision maker, who plan to introduce or optimize project management in their organization
  • Project manager, who would like to use Integral Project Management in their projects


Written workshop documentation including tangible proposals for your project management success in future.


In each case 4 hours from 9.00 to 13.00 o’clock.


€ 990 (excl. VAT)

Improve your project management skills

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