Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industry solution WÜRTHPHOENIX Trade+ for REISSER Schraubentechnik

Hubert Kofler (Würth Phoenix) and Michael Dartsch (REISSER)

The implementation project led by Würth Phoenix provides the company with a flexible and powerful new ERP system

The specialist of fastening solutions and premium quality screws REISSER Schraubentechnik has chosen Microsoft Dynamics AX as new ERP solution to attain the demanding industry goals with an integrated software system. The introduction project is part of a substantial redirection of the company´s IT strategy, aiming at improving the efficiency and information provision within all company processes by so to increasing its market competitiveness.

Full coverage of all main business processes

One of the main company’s milestones in this context regarded the support and full coverage of the production processes and manufacturing operations covered by an enterprise wide software platform.

Würth Phoenix with the offer of Microsoft Dynamics AX and its vertical solution WÜRTHPHOENIX Trade+ according to REISSER envelops broadly these requirements. On the one hand the solution guarantees a continuous mapping of all company processes with a broad flexibility in adapting them, enabling REISSER to change a process within the solution to adapt modifications in our business very quickly. On the other it ensures a higher coverage of important vertical specific functionalities such as production, quality management, distribution and reporting worflows.

“The arrangement offered by Würth Phoenix focuses on continuity and integration for all operational workflows and company´s business critical processes. It creates transparency within the whole company, covers completely our production and distribution processes and is a fundamental information basis for strategic market decisions”, says Michael Dartsch, Managing Director at REISSER.

Business Intelligence

Apart from the production cycle, a particular significance applies also to the business intelligence functionalities. Würth Phoenix has specially developed a data warehouse for wholesale traders within Trade+. REISSER’s management is thus able to create company key data comparisons, product analysis, company presentations and forecast calculations quickly and without further implementation efforts. In case of a adjustments in the forecast the management is able to react in time to the market changes and counter steer flexibly. With it the solution provides REISSER with a strong foundation for information access and analysis, by making it possible to store, transform and manage data in and scalable, flexible and agile data warehouse.

An important choice criterion in favor of Microsoft Dynamics AX was also the conviction of choosing an ERP solution easy to learn and to use. This way REISSER can expect short introduction period and a high acceptance among the staff.

About REISSER Group

REISSER-Schraubentechnik is constantly growing screw producer with more than 80 years of tradition. REISSER is among the top European manufacturers in this industry with a monthly production of 180 tons. The range of products includes over 8.000 items, such as fastening elements made of steel, brass, copper, aluminum as well as special raw materials. The foundation of the high product quality is the REISSER production and its own electroplating process.

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