WÜRTHPHOENIX Speedy+ for your customer service

Amend your customer support activities

Speedy+ supports customer service by providing customer care operators and supervisors with the ideal tools to guarantee rapid and efficient service. With Speedy+ you can further increase your customer retention. The solution enables you to easily define consistent and efficient corporate flows, eliminating unprofitable activities and giving your staff the necessary tools to provide high-quality services.

Your advantages with Speedy+

  • Manage and monitor service calls with a solution that allows to automatically assign customer requests and check the entire process from its early stages to when the problem is solved
  • Refer to the solved case history thus leading to a rapid solution to similar problems
  • Manage assistance agreements, ensuring a timely billing of the interventions carried out
  • Schedule customer service activities and plan assistance with a single view of the intervention calendars of the various customer centres
  • Automatically assign support requests to individual operators both at the early stages and later in the process
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