Nagios World Conference Europe ™

May 12th, Bolzano/Italy

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After the success of the Brazilian edition in Sào Paolo, the European edition of the Nagios World Conference has been held on May 12th at Bolzano/Italy. Namable speakers such as Nagios founder Ethan Galstad, Nagios Plugin coordinator Ton Voon or the NS Client creator Michael Medin took part in the event. Moreover, the new OTRS version and the interaction of OSS monitoring solutions such us Nagios with the integrated CMDB and the Change Management workflow engine have been presented.  Martin Loschwitz from Viennese Linbit has refered on real time cluster synchronization with their new developed Linux standard DRBD.

Best practices and practical experience with Nagios and Nagios based System Management solutions has come from fashion company Diesel or the oldest  Business School in the world, the University of Bologna. Finally ntop´s Luca Deri has taken an introduction on application latency monitoring using nProbe via NetFlow. 

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