NetEye 3.10 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Unified Monitoring solution NetEye that besides important improvements comes up with new features in the areas of Network Analysis, Business Service Management and SAP Monitoring. Although, having added some new functionalities, in this release we particularly focused on increasing stability and improving existing modules.

Product: NetEye
Release Number: 3.10
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Release Type: Minor
Previous Release: 3.9
System Requirements: NetEye 3.6 installation or higher

These release notes for NetEye 3.10 describe the new features and improvements and provide information how to upgrade. The complete change log, which includes all fixed issues, is available in the “What’s new” section of the updated NetEye documentation (see section “How to upgrade”).

New Features

Network Analysis Dashboard: New Visualization Possibilities for Network Traffic

A new dashboard for the visualization of network traffic that is collected by an nbox or directly generated form network devices has been introduced to the latest NetEye version. To get a detailed but clear overview of the traffic in the company’s network, this new dashboard allows to individually defining views by applying various filters. The standard delivery of NetEye 3.10 comes up with a preconfigured dashboard that applies existing profiles of your network analysis module. Based on this default dashboard it is possible to create customized views to meet individual needs. In this way, by upgrading to NetEye 3.10 customers get one central dashboard, where besides performance data also network statistics can be analyzed.

Moreover, the graphs of various filters can be visualized on one single timeline for comparing their behavior. For in-depth analysis, it is even possible to quickly navigate to the originally collected network traffic data.

The new network traffic dashboard is based on the open platform Grafana. Information regarding the creation and customization of the dashboard are documented in the NetEye WIKI section.

New Network Analysis Dashboard in NetEye 3.10

Business Service Management: Ability to Customize Individual Views

The latest improvements in the Business Service Management interface allow people with different visualization needs to first verify that the services they are interested in are running smoothly at any given moment, and then should a problem arise, to quickly locate it to restore system operation.  
By adding the ability to customize individual views both business and IT operation staff can now simplify the identification of the root cause and speed up the respective application of a solution. The list of views can be adapted and extended as required. Once defined, the addresses of the customized views can be saved to enable quick access in future.

SAP Monitoring: Evaluating the health of SAP systems

The SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS) provides a comprehensive set of measures to evaluate the health of SAP systems. NetEye 3.10 provides a new plugin that allows monitoring these given metrics directly from NetEye. After the implementation it is easy defining thresholds and alerts on these SAP performance measures.

Thanks to the integration of the open source check_sap_helath plugin it is now much easier to quickly setup the monitoring of a SAP system and the definition of new checks is possible.


Optimization Business Service SLA-Reporting

In order to correctly display the yearly view of the SLA reports of business services, the column “host” has been removed.

Harmonization of time-period filters

All time-period filters were harmonized and adjusted to fulfill the ISO 8601 standard. 

Standardization of decimal digits in availability report

The number of decimal digits displayed in the availability report is now customizable. In this way, it is possible to display two decimals throughout all NetEye modules.

Upgrade of Integrated Open Source Tools

How to upgrade

The upgrade from NetEye 3.9 to NetEye 3.10 can be autonomously done by following the documentation provided in NetEye 3.9.

  • Step 1: Update of the documentation package in NetEye 3.9 through the following command: "yum--enablerepo=neteye update neteye-documentation"
  • Step 2: Execution of the upgrade procedure described in the updated documentation.

The autonomous upgrade will still be possible for all future NetEye minor releases. The requirement for this is a NetEye 3.6 installation or any higher version.


If you have any questions surrounding this minor release, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us, by writing an email to

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