Passive monitoring of the Real User Experience

Overview of the features

To ensure that the users can operate on the various applications with performance in line with the needs of the business, RUE provides monitoring features to analyze the Key Performance Indicators and understand the real perspective of the end users.


  • Automatic measurement of the baselines for each service, application, network, client and cloud service
  • Autodiscovery of applications with the possibility to group them for a fast startup
  • Possibility of aggregation of networks by geographical or logical mapping
  • Immediate identification of criticality on services through alerts generated by the deviation from the baseline, allowing to intervene proactively before users can perceive any degradation in performance


  • Measurement of Key Performance Indicators including response times of applications, network and clients, throughput, number of impacted users, load time, upload and download time, fragmented packets, retransmitted packets, http returned codes, page rendering time, user time interactivity etc...
  • Identification of bottlenecks that reduces the time of analysis by identifying the root cause  of the problem in the network, application or client itself
  • Visualization of the details on single transaction, identifying every request with the source IP, destination IP and the other respective KPI
  • Graphs of applications, netgroups, or subnets client latencies
  • Visualization of the user requests on a geographic map with ability to navigate through the details of the various transactions
  • Display of the services with respective KPI on timelines
  • Generation of statistics on used protocols, socket terminator, http returned codes, MIME types, mothods, browsers, operating systems, devices, client transfer encoding, content encoding, client, server transfer encoding, server content encoding, authorizations HTTP, server type
  • Ability to navigate through the statistics till every single transaction
  • Filter criteria to define the exact transactions for network, network logs, applications, groups of applications and client


  • Creation of charts for the baseline in defined periods (last hour, day, week, month, year)
  • Visualization of different types of charts for the application latency, server latency, client latency, number of http sessions and amount of transferred bytes
  • Detailed reporting that generates historical data on the trends of the various applications or networks and analyzes possible areas of improvement
  • Reporting based on criteria such as time, groups of network or applications, the status of the check
  • Preset configurations to generate reports that identify the ten worst applications, networks or clients
  • Weekly and monthly generation of the trend of networks, applications or clients

Security Management

  • Network Access Control bases on switch check
  • MAC addresses and block of single ports on switch
  • Flexible time based authorization for MAC addresses
  • Network Traffic Monitoring based on NetFlow
  • Integration of the authentication in the Directory Services
  • Access log auditing archiving
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