Würth Phoenix launches New NetEye major release

The new NetEye version represents a complete overhaul of the platform, intended to allow further scalability thanks to a new monitoring engine and a brand-new graphic interface assuring an optimized user experience. It exemplifies a major step forward in proving a integrated Unified Monitoring approach by significantly enhancing the ability to analyze the network and system infrastructure, responding comprehensively to the new requirements of a transforming digital world.

NetEye 4 includes all the new, innovative features of Icinga 2 while offering a robust, distributed monitoring strategy. Not at least with a redesigned UI that now runs on HTML5, NetEye not only has a streamlined look and feel, but also rebuilds both the back-end technology and the framework itself.

The new NetEye features at a glance:

  • Newly redesigned User Interface
    Today, user experience is a key factor in software development.  A well-designed UX is able to create quality and satisfying interactions between customers and providers. NetEye has been totally redesigned with a modern and intuitive user interface. Users can perform the actions they need effortlessly. NetEye now runs on HTML5, all modules have been tightly integrated into the core framework, and the application has a responsive design which makes it render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.
  • Icinga as new platform
    NetEye 4 has a new architecture. It is based on Icinga 2, including and extending all of its innovative features for distributed monitoring and rule-based configuration. NetEye 4 is also high performance: its multithreaded design allows it to execute millions of checks. Last but not least, NetEye will add Elasticsearch, Influxdb, Docker and Kubernetes as key points of the core technology by understanding user needs.
  • Cloud-ready
    The container technology employs lightweight OS-level virtualization that allows an application to run while keeping its dependencies in a resource-isolated process. Containers are becoming ever more utilized in our software-driven world. NetEye 4 ensures you have the right capabilities to monitor and use this technology and to optimize its performance. At present this is an internal investment which we hope to show to our customers as soon as possible.
  • Highly scalable
    NetEye 4 has been designed for high scalability. The Unified Monitoring Solution lets you perform over 1M checks and supports distributed and industrial monitoring strategies. NetEye 4 now also offers brand-new NetEye Satellite Mini-server devices to implement a low-cost distributed monitoring solution.
  • Augmented security
    NetEye 4 is compliant with the upcoming security and privacy law (GDPR). It has been developed following modern security standards (encrypted communication based on SSL, client-server certificates, and secure passwords).
  • Multi-Tenancy
    NetEye’s multi-tenant architecture is designed to run a single instance of software on a server in such a way that the instance serves multiple tenants. Multitenancy is also becoming a commonly used architecture and thus more important to cloud computing. This is a fundamental target we would like to address with NetEye 4, and container technology will form a core part of reaching this target.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Imagine if automated alerts could notify you in advance, offering you all the time you need to take proper action to solve potential problems in your IT infrastructure. NetEye 4 core technologies let us imagine turning this dream into reality by introducing forecasting algorithms that use machine learning to analyze your network’s evolving performance.  NetEye 4 can predict and visualize future trends to notify you in advance about potential upcoming issues.

NetEye is part of a new development strategy that follows an iterative process of idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning. The cycle ends only when the desirable product/market fit is achieved.

Some additional features are already planned on our product roadmap, ready to be delivered in the upcoming months.  For example, we will provide a new NetEye Satellite Mini-server designed for NetEye 4 along with nBox to better support distributed monitoring strategies