Martin Sonnerer is known to sports fans as a great handball talent and regular player of the Italian national team. After Innsbruck Management Center's (MCI) graduation, Martin Sonnerer joins Würth Phoenix as Dynamic AX Product manager. His sport's values ​​are the same that he promotes in his working life: team spirit, goal orientation, respect and the highest level of professionalism.

1)  What are the most important values, learned thanks to handball, which you find in Würth Phoenix?

"Shared goals, same motivation and loyal cooperation are extremely important to me. This is not only crucial for our team, but also in order to create a good collaboration with our customers."

2) Why do you like working for Würth Phoenix?

"As a project manager and consultant for Würth Phoenix, I have the opportunity to travel a lot around the world, to work with clients from different countries, to collaborate with people from different cultures: it is exciting! Further more, Our Company belongs to the Würth Group, and despite its large size (+ 75,000 employees worldwide) and its international projects, Würth Phoenix is ​​characterized by a corporate culture that values ​​people and makes them feel like family."

3) Would you recommend Würth Phoenix as an employer?

"Definitely! The 160 employees of Würth Phoenix implement customized Microsoft Dynamics business solutions (ERP and CRM) for customers all over the world. In addition, Würth Phoenix is ​​developing the NetEye monitoring solution, now used by over 400 international companies. The company has grown a lot and we are always looking for new talent. Discover our open positions!"