Network Traffic Monitoring with ntopng Training (IT)

Who is using your network and how? What kind of traffic does your company generate? Where does slow network performance come from? ntopng has the answers.

ntopng is a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. This solution provides an intuitive, encrypted web user interface for the exploration of both real-time and historical traffic information.

In our 2-day training offering, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how you can exploit the potential of ntop.

The training focuses on ntop next generation, the enterprise version of the solution as described at this link.

Required knowledge

  • Basic network and monitoring knowledge

Target group

  • IT administrators, who are using ntop or who are planning to implement it

Why you should participate

  • You will learn how to analyze network traffic and how to implement a security strategy by integrating ntopin NetEye
  • You will be updated on the latest features of the ntop next generation solution
  • You will enhance your skills through both practical exercises on passive network monitoring and concrete use cases of ntopng

Date & Location

  • 15.04.2019 - 16.04.2019, from 09.00 till 17.00
  • Würth Phoenix Trainings Center, via Kravogl 4, 39100 Bolzano, Italy

Required material

  • The participants should use their own laptop with a pre-installed web browser (preferably Google Chrome)


  • Simone Mainardi and Alfredo Cardigliano, ntopng Core Developers
  • Training will be held in Italian
  • The training documentation and the certification exam are always provided in English.


  • Training participation: € 1.290 (excl. of VAT)

Course content (tentative)

  • Introduction
    • The company, the history and the products 
  • Ntopng features
    • ntopng architecture
    • Increase packet capture speed with PF_RING and PF_RING Zero Copy
    • Deep Packet Inspection to identify application protocols in the network traffic 
    • ntopng as NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX collector
    • ntopng to monitor the SNMP devices
    • Distributed cluster configuration and deployment
    • Alarm system and integration with a third party software (NetEye, Slack and Mail)
    • Saving, exporting and consulting historical data (RRD, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Grafana, InfluxDb)
    • ntopng on Docker
  • Use of ntopng and examples of use cases
    • ntopng Graphical User Interface 
    • The analysis of the historical and real-time traffic of Facebook
    • Troubleshooting and analysis of malware traffic (ransomware)
    • Monitoring of VoIP traffic (SIP and RTP)
  • ntopng licensing
    • Validity of licenses, renewals and maintenance 
    • Community, Professional and Enterprise versione: features and functionalities
  • Network security with ntopng
    • Analysis of SSL, TCP, DNS, ARP and other protocols for the identification of anomalies and compromised hosts
    • Geolocation of hosts to detect traffic generated to suspicious countries and continents
    • Detection of material exchanges covered by copyright
    • Detection and generation of alarms for network scan and malware
    • Traffic characterization for applications (Tor, BitTorrent) and content (News, ContentServer) to detect suspicious activity
  • ntopng demonstration and open discussion
    • Using ntopng in practise
    • Q&A
    • Tips & tricks
    • Future activities
  • The nBox appliance
    • Configurazione e installazione di nBox per il monitoraggio di reti ad alta velocitá o FB-C
    • Network Monitoring and the passive data analysis
    • Over 130 different end-to-end protocols monitoring on client level

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