Unified Monitoring in the area of IoT and Cloud

(30 marzo 2017)

Meet the experts at our Roadshow

The digital transformation denotes a fundamental technological change. On-premise and Cloud IT services as well as non-IT components linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) are constantly increasing the complexity for IT organizations. This scenario requires new methodologies to monitor and control the availability of the whole IT environment and business-related services, which nowadays are without doubt key factors for the market success.

To address these challenges it is necessary to adopt new approaches in IT System Management: Unified Monitoring as a meanwhile market proven concept integrates all Business Process components into a transparent, comprehensive and holistic monitoring scenario.

Würth Phoenix, in cooperation with „Funkschau“ and the contribution of IDC in terms of the presentation of an actual market spotlight will highlight the main objectives that a monitoring strategy can achieve in times of multi-cloud environments and IoT. The „IT System Management Roadshow“ offers the unique opportunity to address the key questions of the IT Operations in direct dialogue with selected market experts and IT Monitoring professionals.

The events are scheduled for Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Do not hesitate to submit now your free registration at http://www.wuerth-phoenix.com/roadshow/

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