• A new generation

    Your IT as business supporting Service Center.
    See what NetEye can do for you.

  • A new generation

    Your IT as business supporting Service Center.
    See what NetEye can do for you.


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NetEye is an open source software, you can develop and customize it easily. Get more details on our blog!


The features

Take a look at the feature set, designed to facilitate monitoring processes, save costs and improve the service quality of your IT.


Integration with EriZone

It´s not all about monitoring: NetEye is integrated with the OTRS based IT Service Management Suite of EriZone.


NetEye – The Open Source based IT System Management solution

Increase availability and reduce performance bottlenecks across your whole IT environment

WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye is an IT System Management solution based on Open Source standards. The solution has been developed for years, becoming a comprehensive and complete monitoring solution. Key areas as the Asset and Inventory Management or the Capacity and Service Management have been integrated following ITIL standards. Also other features, such as the Network Traffic Monitoring with ntop, the Agent Safed or the Business Process Monitoring, have been added. Thanks to the introduction of these modules, NetEye, goes well beyond the traditional Open Source monitoring systems also from the functional point of view.

What characterizes the solution?

  • NetEye is a comprehensive IT System Management solution based the Open Source standard Nagios
  • Thanks to the integrated plugins, templates and features, NetEye is able to satisfy the monitoring requirements for the most complex IT infrastructure
  • Despite the wide range of features, NetEye can be implemented in only few days
  • NetEye focuses on a flexible cost model and can be easily extended
    Würth Phoenix is a high qualified provider, that offers a team of professional and multilingual consultants, able to easily and quickly install the solution – also in international IT environments

What distinguishes NetEye from other market offerings?

  • Fast implementation
    NetEye guarantees a quick and effective installation process – even in heterogeneous infrastructures. The fast implementation is possible by combining the immediate use of a “ready to use” product, high integrability and a consulting team that has a wide experience with the solution.
  • NetEye is an open solution
    Companies can autonomously develop and customize the solution. As customer you won’t have any strategic dependency with the supplier.
  • High scalability
    Thanks to the features, offered by NetEye, companies can have a comprehensive IT System Management solution, that goes well beyond the traditional monitoring – without any license costs but with a complete support service.
  • Internationality
    The consulting team has a wide experience in the implementation of NetEye in international IT infrastructure.
  • Transparent costs
    Thanks to the Open Source nature of the solution, NetEye can guarantee low investment costs.
  • Supported and tested Open Source
    The upgrades of the Open Source tools and plugins integrated in NetEye will be made available by Würth Phoenix, only after a testing phase, thanks to the maintenance service.

Features overview

  • Asset and Inventory management
    With the Asset and Inventory Management module, NetEye can perform an automatic inventory for the cataloging of all the workstations. This feature is available thanks to the integration of the Open Source projects, GLPI and OCS Inventory.
  • Network Traffic Monitoring with ntop
    This module has been realized with the Open Source project NFSEN, that is able to receive NetFlows from routers and switches. NetFlow data can be arranged on a timeline based on IP address, port number and protocol to be analyzed and eventually to send alert signals.
  • Safed Agent
    With the Safed Agent we have developed a universal agent, compatible both with Windows and Linux, as well as HP-UX, AIX and Solaris.
  • Message Console
    The Message Console has been designed to allow the classification of the incident and error messages and the configuration of filtering rules.
  • Web Service Monitoring
    This module has been developed to integrate the Open Source project WebInject.
  • Trap Handler
    The SNMP Trap Handler collects and manage all SNMP Traps. The filters and the categorization options can be configured in the specifically developed interface.
  • Business Service Monitoring
    By using the BSM module, NetEye is able to correlate the IT components incidents with the business impact that they could cause.
  • Single sign-on
    All the modules integrated and developed in NetEye can be authenticated through a unique sign-on.
  • Knowledge Management
    Thanks to the WIKI integration, a complete and structured documentation is available in NetEye. WIKI can also be used as archiving system for your own documentation.

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