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Cyber Threat Intelligence (SATAYO)

Check your company's exposure to cyber attacks and reduce risks

Do you want to prevent and contrast the more and more complex cyber-attacks?

Threat intelligence comes one step ahead of actual security systems, with the aim of gathering information on the intentions of cyber criminals and helping your company reduce the risks of cyber-attacks.

Our Threat Intelligence service

is based on SATAYO platform

SATAYO is the OSINT and Threat intelligence platform entirely developed and constantly updated by our cyber security team.

It can verify your organisation’s exposure by anticipating the criminals’ moves.

It searches for evidence traceable to your organisation within public domain sources on the Surface, Deep and Dark web and simulates the actions cyber attackers take during the first phase of the attack.

It is available in

three modes:

🏈 One Time: A SATAYO scan available for a couple of weeks during which you can independently access the platform to verify the collected evidence.

🏈SaaS (Software as a Service): With the SaaS service, you can access SATAYO at any time and independently review the collected evidence.On a daily basis, the platform searches for information related to your organisation.

🏈SaaS & Managed: With the SaaS & Managed service, you get all the benefits offered by the SaaS version, and in addition, our team of specialists handles the analysis of the collected results and provides your company with instructions for potential threat mitigation.

What are

the advantages?

  • Anticipate the presence of potential threats in advance.
  • Make information more comprehensible to choose appropriate security measures.
  • Optimize the allocation of resources and budgets more efficiently.

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What are the main features of the SATAYO platform?

If you want an overview of the many features available, you can consult the online manual at the following link: https://neteye.guide/current/satayo/satayo.html

What is the difference between the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

The deep web consists of all web pages that are not indexed by traditional search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This can include password-protected web pages, database pages, private archive pages, and other resources that are not publicly accessible. The deep web represents the hidden and unindexed part of the web, but it doesn’t necessarily contain illegal or illicit content.
The dark web is a specific portion of the deep web and can only be accessed through specific software. It is known for hosting anonymous and encrypted websites that cover a wide range of activities, including illegal markets, hacking forums, and the exchange of stolen data. The anonymous and encrypted nature of the dark web makes it challenging to trace users and their activities.

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