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We are committed to supporting various industries by providing essential IT solutions to foster business growth through automation and digitisation of processes.

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IT Service Management

IT Service Management Solution Improve the quality of delivered IT services and evolve the IT function from simple technical support into a strategic partner for the organization.

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Our aim is to identify the right solutions to enhance the quality of IT services and promote operational efficiency. All this by using the cross-functional skills of our Consultants Team and the services of Atlassian and GLPI.

ITSM: The right mix of people, processes,

and technologies to create value

Nowadays, the management of Enterprise services involves a multitude of elements: people both internally and externally; service quality, cost optimization, and communication between different business departments.
The balance among all these elements represents the IT Service Management (ITSM): a collection of processes used to plan, design, and manage an organization’s Information Technology Systems in order to optimise them.
Modern ITSM starts with business requirements and defines efficient and scalable processes that aim to optimise costs and user experience.

The Atlassian suite, one of the most significant solutions in the world of management software and tools, allows us to develop dynamic and flexible solutions to support collaboration between business departments and enhance the customer experience.
Thanks to our partnership with GLPI Network, we simplify the daily life of IT administrators by allowing them to create, manage, and track the entire corporate inventory (computers, software, smartphones and tablets, printers, consumables, etc.) through a centralized console.

Currently, the Service Management involves more than just IT. The extension of ITSM principles to all business teams such as human resources (HR), legal, facilities, marketing and finance is called ESM.
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What are

the benefits?

  • Improved operational efficiency: An ITSM solution helps standardize and automate IT processes, reducing human errors and improving the overall efficiency of operations.
  • Enhanced service quality: ITSM enables the implementation of structured processes and best practices for IT service management, ensuring higher consistency and quality of delivered services. Customer requests are handled promptly and accurately, incidents are efficiently resolved, and recurring issues are proactively addressed.
  • Increased control and transparency: keeping track of requests, incidents, problems and changes in progress.
  • Improved collaboration and communication: Well-defined workflows, integrated communication tools, and notification features enable timely involvement of stakeholders and effective interaction between IT teams and end-users.

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