Business Applications

Manage your business processes more efficiently, increase productivity, and promote collaboration between departments.


IT Systems Management

Holistically and automatically monitor and manage your entire IT environment to get everything under control in less time.

Project Management Solutions &

Service Management

Improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of IT services with a solution that satisfies both users and customers!


Cyber Security

Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.



We are committed to supporting various industries by providing essential IT solutions to foster business growth through automation and digitisation of processes.

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Discover the courses dedicated to deepening your knowledge of the various NetEye modules, IT security, training new IT administrators, and the Dynamics 365 platform.



Increase the operational efficiency of your warehouse and optimize distribution times

Accept the challenges of your industry with digital!

Monitoring stocks, optimising procurement times and managing orders without errors is the main challenge of the wholesale sector.

The key to providing a professional and fast service is to have an IT infrastructure that automates processes and reduces margins of error. Through applications that focus on operational optimization, inventory management can be improved, stock levels monitored, order processing facilitated, and an overall better customer experience ensured. Identifying a solution that balances standardization, adaptability, and flexibility ensures an increase in operational efficiency and a reduction in administrative costs.

For over 20 years, Würth Phoenix has been committed to supporting the wholesale and distribution sectors by providing essential IT solutions that promote business growth through process automation and digitization. Our extensive range of solutions includes infrastructure monitoring and proactive event management, system integration, efficient process and resource management, as well as data security and protection against external threats.



We are ready to accompany your company in comprehensive IT infrastructure management and provide advanced tools and specialized expertise:


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IT System management, Service management & Cyber Security

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implementation of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Sales Force Automation solutions


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