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Security Operations Center

Our SOC Attacker Centric

Approximately 95% of reported security incidents can be classified as false alarms

This makes it challenging to identify real risks for companies and puts a significant burden on internal IT staff.
With our SOC Attacker Centric, you can free yourself from security management and give your internal IT team more time for its core tasks.

What is it


The main goal of a Security Operation Center is to identify attack scenarios based on the analysis of events and data streams received from the IT infrastructure.

The strength of RED TEAMS


The key feature of the Attacker Centric SOC is that it has a RED TEAM, capable of simulating exactly the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) used by cyber attackers, and a BLUE TEAM, capable of writing the detection rules needed to detect such attacks.

Our Attacker

Centric SOC

Thanks to our “Attacker Centric” approach, the 24/7 SOC of Würth Phoenix is able to integrate the Reconnaissance phase, fully replicating it within our Threat Intelligence platform SATAYO.
It is also officially part of the TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer community as an ACCREDITED member:

What are

the benefits?

  • Continuous monitoring of networks and infrastructure
  • Immediate isolation of possibly compromised hosts to contain the incident;
  • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make security automations adaptive to help us identify and respond to attacks quickly and accurately;
  • Proactive protection: A SOC implements preventive measures to mitigate threats and enhance the overall security of the organization.

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What tasks does a SOC perform?

A SOC carries out various activities, including:

  • Monitoring networks and systems to identify suspicious or abnormal activities.
  • Detection and analysis of security incidents.
  • Management of alerts and notifications.
  • Incident Response, including investigation, mitigation, and resolution.
  • Analysis of threats and Indicators of Compromise (IoC).
  • Implementation of prevention and protection measures.
  • Collaboration with other areas of the company to ensure overall information security.
How is the SOC service provided?

The service is delivered in various ways. You can choose the service level that best suits your requirements: from standard services that cover basic monitoring, detection, prevention, response, and reporting, to enterprise services that include 24/7 monitoring with customized services, analysis-based incident data, and advanced SOC automation.

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