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We are committed to supporting various industries by providing essential IT solutions to foster business growth through automation and digitisation of processes.

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Sales Force Automation (Speedy)

Increase sales, delight customers

Innovate sales with Speedy!

Speedy is an integral part of the Würth Group’s strategy, the secret to innovation and strength throughout the entire sales process. Combining technology, strategy, and practice into a concept of corporate sales, it inspires customers, accelerates purchasing decisions, and boosts the sales success of all companies within the Würth Group.


A comprehensive tool that supports sales representatives throughout the entire process: from automatic sales tour planning to shopping cart management.
The solution for sales on tablets, equipped with a digital interactive and multimedia catalog, enhancing productivity and making the salesperson’s professional role more attractive and modern. Sales representatives can rely on technology to optimize sales processes and provide added value in customer relationships.


SpeedyLead is the management tool that displays sales trends based on various departments, industries, or managers. It offers targeted suggestions and recommendations for individual salespersons or customers.
It is the ideal solution for measuring sales performance (KPIs), managing feedback, and planning training.


SpeedyCat is the digital product catalog designed for customers. It presents products with interactive, exciting, and engaging ways, with up-to-date information (e.g., product history, ongoing promotions, etc.). SpeedyCat’s interactive catalog is centrally managed and updated, providing sales representatives with all the necessary information to prepare for appointments, allowing them to fully focus on the customer.


SpeedyGo is the smartphone app that supports SpeedyTouch that automatically handles customer calls. It also provides support during sales conversations with customers by having product-related information at hand.

Speedy User Group

The continuous development of the product is made possible by the Speedy User Group – an annual event for exchanging experiences among users💞💡

The diversity of skills and roles of the participants makes the event a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange: CEOs, Sales Managers, and IT Managers come together with the common goal of sharing information on the use of the product and defining its new evolutionary phase.

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