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Manage your business processes more efficiently, increase productivity, and promote collaboration between departments.


IT Systems Management

Holistically and automatically monitor and manage your entire IT environment to get everything under control in less time.

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Service Management

Improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of IT services with a solution that satisfies both users and customers!


Cyber Security

Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.



We are committed to supporting various industries by providing essential IT solutions to foster business growth through automation and digitisation of processes.

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Discover the courses dedicated to deepening your knowledge of the various NetEye modules, IT security, training new IT administrators, and the Dynamics 365 platform.

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CRM – Marketing Automation

Effectively manage leads and marketing campaigns and stay in touch with your customers.

Are you looking for a solution that supports you in optimising your marketing activities?

Manage leads effectively, automate your marketing strategies and campaigns, keep in contact with your customers and create reliable workflows and in-depth data analysis with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

What is it


It is a marketing automation application that allows you to plan and execute automated multi-channel campaigns, enhancing and strengthening customer relationships, attracting, and engaging leads.

It provides a comprehensive view of customers and potential customers, enabling personalized and engaging experiences across all touchpoints.

How to choose

the right CRM system?

When choosing a CRM system, it is important to carefully consider your starting point and goals.

This way, you can avoid future high costs by choosing the CRM solution that best suits your company, considering growth and development as well.

At Würth Phoenix, we are very familiar with the Dynamics 365 Suite. We have highly qualified consultants, and most importantly, we are the first users of the solutions we offer.

The Dynamics 365 Sales business app fits perfectly with Dynamics 365 Marketing to promote communication and information exchange between the two departments, have similar goals and approaches, and help employees implement targeted actions to convert prospects into customers.

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  • Segmentation
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Sending the right message at the right time
  • Creating customer journeys
  • Managing target audience-specific campaigns
  • Marketing process automation
  • Simplified event management
  • Creating creative newsletters and landing pages
  • Generating customized reports on activities performed and making informed decisions (integration with Power BI)

What are

the benefits?

  • Manage the entire customer journey of both customers and potential customers through a single platform.
  • Enhance collaboration between different departments.
  • Boost productivity through insights provided by artificial intelligence.
  • Make well-informed decisions early based on consumer metrics. Identify valuable customers and approaches, optimize processes, and increase revenue.
  • Provide customers with exactly what they want, when they want it, online and offline, on all devices (omnichannel communication).

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Does Dynamics 365 CRM work well with other marketing tools?

Yes, Dynamics 365 CRM is designed to integrate with other marketing and sales tools, such as marketing automation systems, e-commerce, social media and analytics tools. This allows you to create a complete ecosystem for customer relationship management and optimize your marketing and sales activities.

How can marketing automation in Dynamics 365 help generate leads?

Marketing automation in Dynamics 365 allows you to create targeted campaigns, track customer behavior and generate qualified leads. You can send personalized messages based on customer actions, implement automated lead tracking workflows, and analyze data to identify the best sales opportunities.

How can I customize Dynamics 365 CRM for my business needs?

Dynamics 365 CRM offers a number of customization tools, including configuring fields and forms, creating custom workflows, and customizing the user interface. Additionally, you can extend the functionality using custom development or integrating third-party solutions.

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