• Holistic, transparent, comprehensive

    System Management with NetEye is your answer to the challenges of digital transformation. Business services, systems, applications and cloud services are holistically and transparently monitored. 

  • End User Experience and Application Performance

    Which are the real performances of your applications? How are they perceived by users? What are the response times of the same application for users in different locations? Predictive monitoring provides you with objective data on the real user experience by measuring and visualizing the performance trends of your infrastructure.

  • A team of highly qualified professionals

    Choosing NetEye you will not get only a solution but you will have at your disposal a complete set of services - from the implementation, to the configuration and finally to the support - with a team of highly qualified consultants at your service.

  • Multi-Cloud

    NetEye is based on a best-of-breed approach of tried-and-trusted open source tools. External cloud applications can be monitored just easily as services in your own data center or hybrid services.