• Holistic, transparent, comprehensive

    System Management with NetEye is your answer to the challenges of digital transformation. Business services, systems, applications and cloud services are holistically and transparently monitored. 

  • A new approach to monitoring

    NetEye goes far beyond traditional monitoring – with innovative methods, extensive functions and the long-standing experience of Würth Phoenix in IT System Management.

  • Consultancy, training, support

    Consultancy, configuration and implementation are provided directly by Würth Phoenix and highly qualified consultants.

  • Multi-Cloud

    NetEye is based on a best-of-breed approach of tried-and-trusted open source tools. External cloud applications can be monitored just easily as services in your own data center or hybrid services. 

Facts and figures

Training Sessions

  • NetEye
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  • Cybersecurity
  • Read more Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Engineering Training(IT) Bolzano, Italy
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  • Erizone
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  • Alyvix
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