Alyvix: Synthetic Monitoring Training 2017

Important Information

Required knowledge

  • Coding skills are not required

Target group

  • Whether you have already installed and tested Alyvix or you are just at the very beginning of its usage, this course will teach you how to successfully install, configure, and optimize your deployment and how to create your individual test cases.

Date & location 

  • Currently no trainings of this type are scheduled. However, you are kindly invited to contact us in case of interest. 

Required material

  • The participants should use their own laptop with OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 or Server 2012, Server 2016, 64bit + mouse


  • Francesco Melchiori, Product Manager at Würth Phoenix
  • Material regarding the training and the certification exam are always provided in English.

Costs & Duration

  • 2 days from 9.00 to 17.00
  • Participation: 1.250 € (excl. of VAT)
  • Certification: 120 € (excl. of VAT)

20% early booking discount for all courses that are booked up to 1 month prior to the start of the course.

Contents day 1

  • Alyvix basic principles
    • Automation and monitoring of application transactions
      • Critical user transactions
      • Visual Synthetic Monitoring
      • Alyvix solution

    • Graphic detection and interaction
      • One transaction, one Alyvix custom keyword, one performanc
      • Alyvix custom keywords: types, components, regions of interest
      • Alyvix Object Finder: multitype components
      • Interaction modes: mouse clicks and keystrokes

    • Performance measurement and outputs
      • Transaction thresholds and performance
      • Command line output and HTML report
      • Performance database and Windows Performance Monitor

  • Test case building
    • Alyvix RIDE 
      • Basic operations
      • Getting started
      • Test case editing: main and sub tables

    • Alyvix basic keywords
      • Process keywords (e.g. run and kill)
      • Window keywords (e.g. wait, maximize and close)
      • I/O keywords (keyboard and mouse)
      • Performance keywords

    • Alyvix custom keywords
      • Alyvix keyword and Finder selectors
      • Alyvix Finders

    • Debugging
        • Report reading (*HANDSON* Static GUI)
        • Debug keywords (*HANDSON* Static GUI)

      • Test case building: a real scenario (*HANDSON* Web Service)

    Contents day 2

    • Advanced topics
      • Backup and distribute test cases
      • Password encryption tool
      • Test case logic

    • Test Case Building
      • *HANDSON* Custom Application

    • System monitoring integration
        • Integration big picture
        • Alyvix test case scripting to NRPE client (NSClient++)
        • Nagios plugins: active and passive NRPE services
        • Commands, services and hosts on monitoring system
        • Report sharing, linking and cleaning
        • Result interpretation: latency spikes and downtimes

        • Certification exam (in English language)
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