OTRS Administrator Training

Important Information

Würth Phoenix is the only partner in Italy certified and authorised to provide OTRS official training sessions.


Learn all basics to install, configure and operate OTRS smoothly. The OTRS
Administrator Training has two modules. 

The first module comprised three days and is intended for OTRS administrators to perform specific OTRS tasks, including: installation, system configuration, user and authorization management, and customization. Administrators will receive in-depth training on the OTRS core system and will perform a complete OTRS installation and configuration on most UNIX/Linux and MS Windows platforms, including individual administration of frontend modules. Trainings also provide basic tools for designing queue structures and authorization concepts. The connection to mail systems and
directory services is also implemented during practice. Additional areas covered
include adjusting corporate design, packaging changes, and looking at the central configuration file ’Config.pm’, ticket ACLs, and workflow automation.

Focus of the second module is process management in OTRS. Along with an 

introduction to the wording and elements of the process management module, the one-day training also conveys the creation of a process and its prerequisites by means of a practical example. As administrator you learn the additional configuration


  • Basic knowledge of web based software architecture
  • Proficiency in Unix / Linux (z.B. LPIC1)
  • Practical knowledge of protocols e.g SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Practical knowledge about functions and structure of directory services
  • Experience in using editors (e. g. UltraEdit, VI, VIM)
  • Ability to configure web (Apache2) and mail servers


  • Gabriele Cecco, EriZone & OTRS Consultant at Würth Phoenix
  • The training will be held in Italian while the materials regarding the training are provided in English.

Costs and further Details

OTRS Administrator Training 2017 Brochure

Date and location 

  • 18.09.2017 - 21.09.2017, Würth Phoenix Trainings Center, Via Kravogl 4, 39100 Bolzano, Italy (training will be held in Italian)

The agenda

DAY 1: Administration

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Personal Workshop Objectives
  • OTRS Wording
  • OTRS Agent and Customer Interface: Frontend makeup, Creating tickets, Working with
predefined answers and FAQs involving other agents, Ticket life-cycle, and more Building Queue Structures
  • Authorization Concepts: Groups, Roles, Permissions (create, move into, etc.)

DAY 2: Administration

  • Installation of OTRS: installation of required software, Installation of OTRS
  • OTRS Administration Frontend Walkthrough: Queue Administration, Implementing the OTRS permission concept, Response templates and automated responses, and more
  • Configure OTRS using the SysConfig Interface: Definition and using of Service Level calendars, Using dynamic fields, Connecting a SMTP server, Best practice features, and more

DAY 3: Administration

  • OTRS Filesystem Hierarchy: The OTRS directory guide -where to find what, Scripts and tools
  • File based Configuration using the Config.pm Interface: How to connect different databases, Using directory services as customer database, Using SQL databases as customer database, Using directory services for authentification of customers and agents, Using Ticket ACLs 

DAY 4: Process Management

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Wording and Elements of the Process Management Module: Process, Activity, Activity dialogue, Transition, Transition action
  • Creation of a Process Example: Explanation of the process, Setting up required attributes and definitions
  • Creation of a Process Example: Mapping of a process Configuration of the Process Management Module: Import/export of processes, Sysconfig (Process Management), Best practices 

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Date and location
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