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The EriZone and OTRS features overview

The EriZone and OTRS features in the area of Help and Service Desk provide the right tools needed to deliver superior service to your customers. Build stronger, longer lasting relationships and gain a solid competitive edge with the proven functionality of OTRS.

Solution Core

  • Different User Interfaces for the support team, customers, administrators and public users
  • Access via web browser (optimized for mobile devices - responsive design)
  • Access compatibility with the WCAG, WAI-ARIA standards
  • Customizable User Interfaces
  • Localization with 32 different languages
  • Authentication via LDAP, Radius Server, Radius Proxy or external clients till 11 SQL databases
  • Possible authentication with Kerberos single sign-on and possibility to extend the authentication to other solutions (i.e. Shibbolet, OpenSSO, SAML 2.0 ...)
  • Role based access
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) to manage the permissions base on role and groups
  • Configuration of the access permissions based on tickets, queue, functions or specific actions
  • Customizable views
  • Flexible configuration of the notifications (to agents, customers or providers)
  • Ticket creation, classification and management
  • Automatic replies
  • Creation of templates for the predefined replies
  • Phone integration
  • Modular views (based on competency center, service, location etc.)
  • Free and structured searches
  • Hierarchical structure of the requests
  • Propagation of the closed status to functional escalation
  • System configuration in multitenant modality
  • Customizable request print based on predefined filters
  • Dynamic fields visualization
  • Dynamic fields based on external databases (dropdown, multi selection and search on type)
  • Possibility to add additional CC recipients in the notifications
  • Possibility to add screenshots on the ticket via "copy and paste"
  • Graphic editor to manage the workflow (Process Management)
  • Configuration of the conditions to enable new processes
  • Extended library with multiple transition actions
  • Survey creation, sending and result analysis
  • Email integration (IMAP, IMAPS, POP, POP3, SMTP and SMTPS)
  • LDAP authentication
  • Integration with phone exchange via query string
  • External database integration
  • Interface configuration via web services

Service Catalogue Management

  • Creation and management of the service catalogue
  • Lists of the multilevel services
  • Lists of the multilevel service categories
  • Import script for migration and startup phases
  • Routing of the requests and assignment of the right ITIL typology based on the selected category (during the creation and reclassification)
  • Service assignment for the user grouping (i.e. customer companies)
  • Service assignment based on user typology
  • Document management to support the services
  • Creation, assignment and identification of the SLAs, OLAs, UCs
  • Wizard to select the services and categories
  • Service Manager and Service Owner definition
  • Customized extension of the services attributes (KB keywords, color, predefined SLA, predefined competency center)

Event Management

  • Technical dashboard with addons for the real time visualization of the NetEye monitoring data
  • Integration with Business Process Monitoring systems
  • Integration with monitoring systems

Access Management

  • Automatic creation of the requests that involve more competency centers
  • Possibility to integrate it with the process module
  • Administration panel configuration
  • Trigger of new processes by email (HR system integration) or by agent or customer interface

Knowledge Management

  • Flexible structure with categories and restricted permissions
  • Approval process integration
  • Multilanguage
  • Integration with the service catalogue and categories through the keywords

Service Level Management

  • Operating dashboard
  • ITIL compliant reporting and KPIs
  • Directional dashboard with statistics overview and customizable widgets
  • Integrated reporting module for predefined reports and SLA 
  • Service monitoring reporting
  • Customized report creation (with the possibility to send them automatically)
  • Datawarehouse cubes on the service trend
  • Scheduled report for every competence center for the unmanaged requests

Incident Management and Request Fulfillment

  • Generic flow of predefined registrations
  • Priority matrix management (impact/urgency)
  • Functional escalation management
  • Guaranteed tickets closure with the ITSM monitor control loop logic
  • Customizable views
  • Controlled data feeding for the Problem Management process
  • Knowledge Management integration
  • Minimum time for the new incident and request registration
  • Service request template
  • CMDB integration (internal or external)
  • Disaster/major incident management
  • Security incident management

Problem Management

  • Efficient information availability
  • CMDB integration
  • Ready to use reports
  • Knowledge Management integration

Change Management

  • Realization of customized RfC flows
  • Service driven
  • Approval workflows
  • Integration with external Release Management systems
  • Budget planning and management (v. 3.4)

Asset and Configuration Management

  • Integration with the Asset Management system of NetEye (GLPI)
  • Possible interface with other Asset Management systems
  • Relationship management among the Configuration Items
  • Integration with all the solution modules
  • CI versioning management
  • Data access from the customer self-service portal
  • Service driven
  • Integration with the Business Process Monitoring module of NetEye
  • Definition of customizable CI classes with the access control 
  • Graphical representation (v. 3.4)

Customizable Processes

  • Realization of new processes to support the company functions (HR, Finance, Purchase, Marketing...)
  • Process digitalization
  • Centralization and control of the corporate communications


  • Possibility to autonomously update the solution through qualified repositories

ISO 20000 (ITIL) and ISO 27001 certifications

  • EriZone provides the platform for the IT service management by allowing you to align them to your business strategy
  • Thanks to the compliance with the ITIL framework, EriZone helps the companies to meet the requirements to get the ISO 20000 certification
  • EriZone supports the company during the ISO 27001 certification process for the Information Security Management

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