EriZone 5.2 Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of our Service Management solution EriZone version 5.2.

Product: EriZone
Release Number: 5.2
Release Date: August 31, 2017
Release Type: Minor
Previous Release: 5.1

These release notes for EriZone 5.2 describe the new features and improvements and provide information on how to upgrade. 


  • Integration of Shibboleth Service Provider SSO based on SAML 2.0. With Shibboleth the identity of the user will be authenticated against the selected Identity Provider.

  • Ticket Template - quick, pre-filled ticket templates are available as links in the agent navigation bar. A quick ticket registration is possible using templates with service, category and queues pre-selected  (details here
  • Multiselect of companies in dispatcher. Now it is possible to define a list of companies for a single service dispatcher simplifying the overall system configuration and maintenance.

  • Updated to the latest version of OTRS 5.0.22.

  • FAQ suggestion widget integration. When typing the subject on the customer side the related FAQ suggestions will be listed.
FAQs in EriZone 5.2

Major Bug Fixes 

  • FAQ articles are listed even without permission
  • Type set to Unclassified after queue change in Priority and Services
  • Hardcoded table customer_company in Dispatcher
  • EriZone Theme fixes

Try it now!

All new features and enhancements are also available on our EriZone Online Demo.

Preparations before upgrading from EriZone 5.1 to EriZone 5.2 

  1. Snapshot of the Virtual Machine
  2. Activate the repo resolution with the following parameters in Admin>>SysConfig

Upgrade steps 

  1. Upgrade OTRS framework to version 5.0.22 through yum service: yum update


  2. Upgrade packages via Admin >> Package Manager; the upgrading procedure must be made STRICTLY with the following sequence:

    1. ITSM
    2. FAQ
    3. Survey
    4. OTRSMasterSlave
    5. OTRSTicketMaskExtension
    6. OTRSAdvancedEscalations
    7. EriZone
    8. EriZone Core
    9. EriZoneServiceDeskEnhancement
    10. EriZoneTheme
    11. EriZoneAccessManagement

Please follow these rules during the upgrade/install procedure:

  • Contact our support team if you do not feel comfortable on any operation or

  • The packages must be installed in sequence and individually

  • The system may take longer or shorter times for each action / package so please be patient

  • Action buttons must be clicked only once for the success of the operations

ATTENTION After the upgrade execute the following action from the command line:

/opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/erizone.global_makelink /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/ /opt/otrs/scripts/EriZone/

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