Control the application availability and reliability

Active End User Experience Monitoring

The active end user experience monitoring emulates the user interactions to verify the reliability and availability of an application. This approach thus allows to check whether an application is available or not and whether particular transactions are working properly.

NetEye offers a solution for active monitoring through the integration of a robotic tool named Alyvix, that simulates user interactions on web applications, applications via Terminal Server, Citrix, VDI, VNC, native applications, mainframe, Java applets and websites that use Adobe Flash Player.

Advanced tests of applications, Java applet or Citrix with Alyvix

  • Alyvix is an intelligent robotic system that tests and monitors the applications by simulating the user interactions
  • Thanks to the artificial vision, Alyvix is a flexible and robust solution that is able to execute automatic tests by recognizing the application components (input box, drop down list, button, menu list, icon, images, text etc.)
  • Alyvix allows to test almost every application like Terminal Server, Java applets, websites that use Adobe Flash Palyer, Citrix, VDI, VNC, native applications or mainframes

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Control the web applications through the recording functionality of Sahi

  • Sahi is a tool that allows to test the web applications, by recording the operations that are normally performed by a user on a web browser
  • Sahi provides a recording systems that has no dependencies with the browser or platform
  • Sahi offers an integrated reportingsystem

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Simple tests on web applications with WebInject

  • WebInject offers the possibility to execute automatic tests on web applications or web services
  • With the framework it is possible to configure the authentication procedures and check the server responses
  • WebInject allows to test all the systems with http interface (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, AJAX, Servlets, HTML Forms, XML/SOAP Web Services, REST, etc).
  • WebInject can be used to automate the operations on http level to execute acceptance and regression tests
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