1) Educational background and professional experience

I have been passionate about software development ever since attending high school, and through self-study I've constantly tried to keep my technical skills up-to-date. After my high school degree I started working as a freelancer and later on I got hired by a small web-agency. At the age of 21 I then started my career as a software developer at Würth Phoenix.

2) What are your current responsibilities at Würth Phoenix?

As a Software Developer I participate in the development, customization and maintenance of our Open Source software solutions for our customers. Working closely with the R&D Team and with the Community is essential for successfully performing our tasks.

3) Why did you decide to join Würth Phoenix?

I was looking for an international employer able to offer me a wide variety of professional growth opportunities, that's why I decided to become part of Würth Phoenix.

4) Which aspects of your job do you value most?

I really appreciate using the very latest and most innovative technologies to work on challenging and complex topics.