Speedy for the Sales Management

  • SpeedyLEAD

    SpeedyLEAD as management sales tool provides executives with a standardized instrument with detailed insight in the sales rep profile and all essential customer and performance KPIs. 

  • Perfect route planning

    SpeedyLEAD optimizes every singes seller´s ride-along planning, with largely automated recommendations based on the sales performance and classifications or individual order history of every single customer. 

  • Integrated view of all KPI's

    The sales management is always in line with comprehensive graphic representation of key figures and the development of every single sales representatives. Detailed KPIs of the individual employees form the basis for determining the employee’s need for support.  

  • Increase performance

    Targeted activities to increase performance are defined as dedicated templates within SpeedyLEAD. These templates are turned into clear, well-structured recommendations for action and can be assigned to the respective sales rep as well as to every single customer.  

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