The digital product catalog

  • SpeedyCAT

    The interactive product Catalog of SpeedyCAT determines the ideal order of products, from purchase history, articles previously looked at to cross-selling of products and top articles from business codes.

  • Selling more effectively

    Product searches, sales history, and other account specific information can be visualized with a few clicks on SpeedyCAT. This highly personalized information facilitates a direct relationship between your company and your clients. In turn it enables faster decision-making and improved responsiveness.

  • Interactive, engaging customers

    SpeedyCAT is interactive in nature and conceived to respond to sellers and customer touch commands. Customer engagement therefore improves, the ease of selling increases. All content is updated -real-time, helping field sales personnel stay informed and sell in a more effective and personalized way.

  • Interlinked with the Würth ecosystem

    SpeedyCAT is interlinked with Würth Group IT Ecosystems with a country-specific product range displayed. Customer can create a product wish list for all future references with the ability to highlight & bookmark products.

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