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State-of-the-art ERP and CRM solutions for sustained business success


Choosing a particular ERP or CRM solution is definitely a significant step for any business, and the subsequent planning and implementation stages are challenging and usually time, cost and resource intensive. But on the other hand, the combination of flexible technologies, efficient workflows and a project team with extensive relevant experience can ensure that major benefits arise from this investment – such as lower operating costs, increased competitiveness and optimised business processes.

Recognising all the challenges but also the enormous benefits that this decision brings, we have developed a solution for you that goes beyond the functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform: D365+. Given the different needs of each industry (e.g. distribution, manufacturing, retail, fashion and services), we offer industry-specific features accompanied by highly skilled consulting and support to ensure successful implementation.

Dynamics 365 as the base platform

Unlike common alternatives on the market, Dynamics 365 combines ERP and CRM functions in a single platform. What’s more, the platform lets you create custom workspaces. All of this improves interdepartmental collaboration, data consistency, and business process efficiency. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based system offering the flexibility and scalability to access new features and platform updates without needing to manage complex on-premise infrastructure. To ensure a smooth flow of data, Dynamics 365 also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools such as Office 365, Power BI and Azure.

Just as industries have specific requirements, so individual companies also need perfectly tailored solutions giving them the flexibility to thrive in today’s markets. D365+ comprises a wide range of solutions to help businesses adapt to changing scenarios.

Trade+: the solution for businesses that make flexibility their strength

Trade+ was developed to speed up and simplify the rollout of Dynamics 365. It includes a suite of tools covering the whole of ERP for customising standard processes so they are better matched to the needs of your business.

Trade+ enables companies to satisfy commonly recurring requirements immediately, but above all it gives them the ability to make rigid processes flexible. By integrating business intelligence functions into everyday workflows, Trade+ also helps keep control of all business process data. With Trade+, businesses can reduce ERP implementation and maintenance costs, boost their productivity, and respond quickly to market changes.

Sales+: the key to sales success

Sales+ integrates the extensive sales process expertise of the Würth Group – of which Würth Phoenix is part – into the Dynamics 365 platform. This add-on allows your sales team to focus on the right customers, analyse sales forecasts, optimise quotation and order management, and cut the number of manual processes – and with that the risk of human error.

Fashion+: the solution for businesses and retailers in the fashion industry

Fashion+ represents the accumulated experience of Würth Phoenix in implementing ERP systems with specialised capabilities resulting from our partnership with fashion industry professionals K3 Fashion.

The tool offers businesses in the fashion industry the opportunity to expand and optimise their processes in the areas of design and development, material selection, fabric cutting and garment manufacturing, with numerous features for material, colour and size management. In addition, Fashion+ ensures optimum control of all stock levels to anticipate product and material demand, effectively manage inventory, reduce overstocking and bottlenecks, and increase delivery capability.

Würth Phoenix invests extensively in research and development to innovate and improve D365+. We continuously work to keep the solutions up to date so that they meet changing market and industry demands. In a world where efficiency and innovation are key, D365+ provides the foundation for success for any enterprise.

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