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Your IT needs a better future

ERP and CRM are no longer just a means to an end.

It would be a serious mistake these days to still be viewing ERP and CRM as just a means to an end. Businesses need to think about the future and be ready for what the future holds. But how and when will the future arrive?

Let’s start with the when: The future is today – or, more accurately, it was yesterday.

That might sound like a contradiction, but it reflects the reality of the business world. Discussions about the desire for modular software, the no less necessary aspect of sustainability, and the benefits of process automation all took place years ago. It is clear now to everyone that managing a company involves equipping it with a platform and tools to simplify and optimise the various internal and external processes. A system of this kind encompasses everyday business processes in accounting, customer management, marketing, sales, production, warehouse and supplier management as well as after sales and customer service. Process automation is accompanied by a reduction in unnecessary costs, errors and duplicate data. But all of this isn’t enough. The fact is, you need a better future to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s move on to the how. The future as a modular platform that integrates diverse systems with each other and enables access to them via a centralised interface. Or – even better – the future as a platform that directly generates, supplies and supports artificial intelligence. The future as remote assistance, as the provision of services from a distance with state-of-the-art data glasses that let you share everything you see with the person you’re talking to on the other side of the world, in real time. The future as unrestricted mobility, so you can voice dictate an urgent quotation for a customer on your tablet while driving. The future as a sustainable platform that optimises stock levels and distribution based on data – without being influenced by personal preferences.

In other words, the future as a tool for differentiating and accelerating business and management processes – this is the new face of ERP and CRM.

Now we have answered the when and the how, let’s go one step further, to the where. Where can we find this future? Yes, that’s right: you have to go looking for it! Organisations have to actively seek out this future; they cannot simply wait for it to come to them.

At Würth Phoenix, we found the future in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and we did so some time ago, not just yesterday. Back then, Microsoft chose us as a partner to shape a piece of this future together.

With the add-ons we’ve developed, we make the everyday easier for everyone who is building the future of their business with Dynamics 365. By creating Sales+ and Trade+, we are helping to expand and accelerate the platform’s standard capabilities in the areas of Sales and Finance & Operations.

And that should explain everything… right? Not at all, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet. Nice to meet you! We are Würth Phoenix, an IT company of the Würth Group. We have dedicated 22 years to looking beyond the horizon and into the future.

“More than software” – this is probably the most immediate definition of what we are and what sets us apart. But we have a lot more to say – about the future of yesterday, about new challenges, new solutions and the vision of tomorrow’s future.

Follow us on our channels and let us know what you think. We look forward to sharing ideas with you, also on social networks.

Michael Piok
CEO – Würth Phoenix

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